World Test Championship Rankings, Rules & Format 2019


ICC had made a new announcement last year ODI champions trophy that this will be last one-day champions trophy and now on there will be a test championship will be played. This step was taken to popularize the oldest and original form of cricket, test cricket.

The World Test Championship (WTC) has started from 1st August 2019 with the clash of Ashes between England and Australia.

From 2019 to 2021, all the International test cricket matches played by all the teams will be counted for the ranking purpose. The higher number of test cricket series is played by a team, more are the points earned and top place holding chances also increase.


World Test Champions Ranking

Here we have provided the latest World Test Championship Rankings table as on 9th September 2019.

Last Updated: 9th September 2019

2New Zealand602110
3Sri Lanka602110
6West Indies02020
7South Africa00000

World Test Championship Points Table Rules

Below we have provided ICC World Test Championship rules table.


World Test Championship Schedule

wtc format schedule

England vs Australia Ashes 2019 World Test Championship Points Updates

In Ashes 2019 England vs Australia, there are total 5 test matches are scheduled to be played.

So, total 120/5, each match will be of 24 points.

Winner team gets 24 points.

Draw match awards 8 points to each team.

So, from total 4 test matches played by both teams, Australia has won 2 test match and 1 draw, so total points won by Australia are 24+24+8= 56 points.

England has won 1 test match and 1 match is a draw, so total points are 32.

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand 2019 World Test Championship Points

Second test series was played between Smartcric Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

Total 2 test matches were played and both teams had won 1-1 match.

So, both teams got 60 points each.

West Indies vs India 2019 World Test Championship Points

West Indies vs India 2019 for total 2 test series.

India was able to win both the test matches against the West Indies very easily.

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Hence, India got 60+60= 120 points.

India currently holds number 1 position in the ICC World Test Championship 2019.

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